Dear friends,

This is not a promo for the long-legged water bird, much as I have always loved them. This is an announcement of sorts: a few months ago I took this story, “Herons” to the second meeting of a Writer’s Group some friends and I formed. They were very kind to it, and in September, I sent it in to a flash fiction publication, Every Day Fiction.

About two weeks ago, EDF e-mailed me saying they’d decided to accept it, and it would run later this month. The editor, also, was exceedingly kind in her feedback, and mentioned she’d accepted the piece despite its being magical realism, a genre less popular with some of the site’s key readers. Confident in her confidence, I opted not to make changes to the piece as it had been submitted.

And friends, that day is today! “Herons”, unchanged, is my first fiction publication outside of university lit mags, and today you can read it on the digital front page of http://www.everydayfiction.com/!

And while you do? I will be busily crafting more blog posts, hopefully with photos, about Galicia, since I’m home for Christmas break and have been remiss these past few furiously busy months.

With love,

Heron Girl


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