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Tapas Ho!

I should have posted before, since there’s a kind of poetic justice to this, but better late than never.

In my previous post I mentioned I’d applied to teach English in Spain as an Auxiliar de Conversacion. As of May 23, 2014–I’ve been assigned to a post in Galicia!

I don’t know much about Galicia at all; it’s north of Portugal, on the Atlantic, and they speak gallego as well as Spanish. Upon receiving my assignment I went, almost immediately, to the library to look up some information. Galicia is, or so my research revealed, one of the cheapest regions of Spain to live in (and on my salary that’s going to be a good thing). It’s also one of the regions with a strong Celtic flavor to the culture, since they settled there a long time ago. There’s Compostela, home of the famous pilgrimage site, and Á Coruña, the biggest city in the region, and Vigo, home to what many consider to be some of the best Roman ruins…the nature of the program is such that at this point I only know I’m teaching in that region; I don’t know which city.

I actually really hope it’s Á Coruña; I would feel like a cheater if I lived in Compostela without having walked the Camino de Santiago to get there, and Vigo is an inland city. I’ve never lived on the coast before, even a cold Atlantic coast as this one is likely to be.

I’ll know more when I return from visiting My Personal Francophone in Venlo (more on that to come as well) and get my letter from the Galician regional government detailing the school and the age of my students. It’s my hope to work with older children, preferably in high school–the last six months, spent teaching preschool (3 turning 4), have not been kind to me.

I do know that this probably means that even I, the pescatarian, will be eating an occasional piece of chorizo with my tapas…


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