My 23rd Birthday (Or Why My Personal Francophone is AWESOME <3)

I feel old these days…living overseas and financially supporting yourself through school will do that to you, especially when you turn 23 two days before your final Master’s evaluations. It’s not the calendar age that matters, it’s the sum total of your experience, and since I’ve been supporting myself on my savings, which are worth less in Euros, paying bills, living on my own, learning a new language, finishing a Master’s and a horrible internship for said Master’s, applying for jobs, and balancing job applications with my summer job, I find myself checking for missing teeth and gray hairs… 😉

But that’s not why I’m posting. Before I let you feast on my glut of vacation photos, I am dedicating this post to my 23rd birthday in June, also known as How Awesome is My Personal Francophone Day. Because he might have the annoying habit of liking to quote Charlie Sheen a little too much, and might think Barney from “How I Met” is the coolest character (it’s clearly Robin! Duh! Or maybe Marvin.), but when it comes down to it, he’s amazing.He took my first birthday away from home ever and made it cool instead of lonely (due credit must also be given to my family for singing to me on Skype and blowing out the candle on a cupcake):

This is an AWESOME bar in Antwerp which sells jenever, a uniquely Belgian ancestor of gin. It's dangerously delicious. We went here after midnight on my birthday (after a cocktail...).

This is an AWESOME bar in Antwerp which sells jenever, a uniquely Belgian ancestor of gin. It’s dangerously delicious.


These are our second jenevers. Mine is the purple one (violet), his is Flemish Flemish Flemish (a long and complicated name neither of us remembers).


This was my birthday breakfast! He even cooked! Croissant sandwiches with scrambled egg and cheese! Also waffles and cookies and chocolate…and roses! ❤ The beer and cheese were for lunch.


My very own Leonidas Basket. He’s like the Birthday Bunny.


The bar staff took this one. And I LOVE Belgium…both of those jenevers are different KINDS of speculoos flavor.


So pretty!


We had a coffee at one of our favorite cafes, the Shilling. Guess cooking tires him…


This is why we like the Shilling. It’s like a library.


Then we went to the Stadspark (City Park) in Antwerp for some Flemish beer and Wallonian cheese (I know, the politicians would be having conniptions!). I highly recommend the Grimbergen beer and Chimay cheese combination, as well as the park.


Silly swan, can’t you see there’s food RIGHT BEHIND YOU?


One of the first ladybugs I saw here. We had a lovely time at the park.


And here is my birthday cake at the Italian restaurant he took me to for dinner! I didn’t know Belgium had the birthday restaurant thing too.


This one is pretty shaky but I think you get the idea.

Also this was my birthday present the weekend after (like he didn't spoil me enough on the actual day... :) )

On my birthday, he told me there was also a surprise coming in July…this was it!



IMG_9155 IMG_9157





My very favorite vegetarian dinosaur. Thanks ND for a great birthday present–readers, how will I top it at HIS 24th birthday (haha, he’s older than me!)? Ideas?


We finished seeing the dinosaurs and then, inexplicably, we saw the panini machine. Which means the T-Rex didn't need to eat my Triceratops after all :(

We finished seeing the dinosaurs and then, inexplicably, we saw the panini machine. Which means the T-Rex didn’t need to eat my Triceratops after all 😦 (Photo omitted for obvious graphic and sadness reasons.) STILL AN AWESOME PRESENT. ❤


See what I mean? I am very lucky indeed. Thanks, ND, for a wonderful time. You nerd. ❤


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