The Video that Explains it All

I am sorry for the radio silence these past few months. Truly, I have been very busy experiencing life, and busier working on my postgrad degree. There will be more blog posts as soon as I am finished with my two final papers for the semester.

At the moment I would like to share this video, which I do not own and did not produce, but which was introduced to me via my Flemish teacher back in September, who is now kind of my friend–weird, right?

Anyway, this video explains everything that doesn’t make sense about life in Belgium. The glorious thing is, after a while it ceases to infuriate and starts to amuse instead, it’s all so absurd.

That, or the waffles and beer are really mellowing me out.



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4 responses to “The Video that Explains it All

  1. Colleen

    I don’t remember learning this in international politics in my undergrad! Dude this would of changed everything XD~cmd

    • It literally changed my life here. The day I first saw this video was the day that I realized these are people who, despite all the things that make absolutely no sense about their country, can still communicate, anjoy a beer, and take pride in what they consider to be the greatest Belgian achievements, which are, as far as I can tell, the following things in the following order: beer, having been one of the forces behind the creation of the EU, Herge’s Tintin, fries, art nouveau, and the paintings of Rene Magritte.

  2. Thank you for posting this entertaining, informative, and surprising video on Belgium. It sounds like a beautiful country with a strange, dysfunctional government obsessed with language policies and regional identities.

    • It is beautiful! Even the national surrealism inherent in those politics is fascinating in its intricacy…Thanks for taking the time to watch, read, and comment! I can’t claim video credit of course…

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