Ring a ling a ling

I am sitting at my desk, breakfasting on a waffle in my very own apartment in a very foreign city, and I’m taking the time to interrupt my breakfast because…my coffee pot decided to stop working mid-mug. It simply stopped pouring water over the grounds, and, when I poked it, made sounds like a tiny crow. So, while I am desperately hoping for it to resume its normal brewing activities, because the five-hour Flemish class starts today at 10 AM and I admit I am going to need the caffeine to get me through it, a little about this new place…

My Personal Francophone and his mother took me here from Brussels on Saturday morning; it’s about 30 minutes’ drive, if one knows where one is going (which we did not). On this journey between Belgian metropolises, we passed cows.

My apartment is in this really old house, tall and narrow like many Belgian homes, with narrow spiral stairs. There is a rainbow mosaic of a dragon out front, and a T-Rex action figure over the inside entryway. Some misguided artist painted a very abstract velociraptor just past the T-Rex. Hence its name, Jurassic House, and my room…the Triceratops room.

I don’t have much right now. Some clothes, a few books, a few post cards. I scooped my coffee out of the bag with a thimble this morning–the big Carrefour was closed yesterday. (This room is HUGE and high-ceilinged, so as one of my room mates put it, “You have a big room for not a lot of stuff.”.)

But here are some cool things Antwerp has, that, I am sorry to say, I have not yet seen in Brussels (and all of them were in MY neighborhood!):

  1. A dwarf riding a bicycle
  2. A homeless man who uses a black and white bunny to attract people instead of a dog
  3. A hair salon that gives haircuts to people who stop outside on their bikes

And my personal favorite:

4.  The man My Personal Francophone and I saw on Saturday evening after a few beers (but we are still not making     this up!!!) whose bike bell wasn’t working, so he chanted “Ring a ling a ling. Beep.” as he rode off into the distance.


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  1. Edward Seton Fittin

    You should include pix if you can! I’m very visual, Mlle Triceritops! Classes begin tomorrow. The faculty meeting is winding down, thank God!

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