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We remember

Always remember the actions of a few can change the lives of many.

 We honor the incredibly courageous men and women who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

We honor as well the men and women–law enforcement, medical, military, and civilian–who risked and even lost their own lives to rescue those they could.

And we honor the American people, who after this tragedy have had and will have the grace, the fortitude, and the pride to rebuild, and to make the future of this country a safer, a stronger, and a more united one.


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Back to School: Senior Style (backdated, August 26)

The night before returning to school is usually an exciting, and a frustrating one. Mountains of boxes and suitcases, last minute decisions on what to take and where to pack it. Last night, it was different. I had to say goodbye. The sense of ending was everywhere: in the packing for the final move into my apartment, the last time I would drive before Thanksgiving vacation, the last dinner with my girlfriends, the last trip to my neighbors’ house for true confessions,  conversation and telenovelas.

I have been doing this at the end of every summer before heading back to college; this year, it feels like the last time because it is the beginning of the last time. The last year. I feel as if I’d just started school, and now I’m finishing. And the next step is up to me. Decisions on graduate school, work…all mine. And the job of making it happen. Making a future possible.

I have been so lucky, in school, in work, in travel, in meeting people. And now I am lucky enough to have the ability to shape my future, to make my own choices and live them.

As I unpack the last few boxes, put away files and shoes and books and plan my schedule for the weeks ahead, I realize a few things:

Really, this has been a remarkable summer. A good time was had with friends, family, and boyfriends (well, okay, boyfriend, singular). I did a fair bit of traveling (more on that later). I wrote a decent amount, when I wasn’t working and traveling.

And I’m glad. Because this is the last summer before everything changes.

And I solemnly swear I am up to much good (disclaimer: I do not own the line I just paraphrased. We all know who does, because JK Rowling is amazing), and I intend to enjoy my senior year to the fullest.

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