Belgium Here We Come

My suitcase is packed, my backpack is (unfortunately) full of homework, and my purse groans with the amount of stuff packed into it.Clutching my boarding pass, weighted down by baggage, I stumble desperately toward the shuttle which will take me to the correct airport terminal for my flight.

In other words, it’s spring break!

This time tomorrow, I will be firmly established and somewhat unpacked in the house of My Adorable Personal Francophone, whose plans now include a trip to neighboring (insofar as all the Low Countries are close together) Amsterdam and the medieval town of Brugges. He promises to take me to the jewelry museum in Antwerp (I will claim no responsibility for this development; if he hadn’t told me it existed, I wouldn’t have known about it in the first place!), though he swears that if I shop he will leave me there by myself.

He is also planning a party, possibly a costume party, and inviting most if not all of his friends, whom I can only hope speak English. I really really hope so–my knowledge of French has expanded since that weekend in Paris, but is still limited to:

Hello, my name is Emily.

I’m sorry, I don’t speak very much French.

Where is the toilet?

I have an elephant.

You have one, two, three, four, five elephant.

She’s gone mad! It’s a scandal!

With these excellent French phrases I hope to charm the hearts of Belgians everywhere…well, especially that of his mother.


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