My Top Ten List of Things to Do on Vacation

My Personal Francophone was, of course, delighted to hear that I was coming in March.

“Am I supposed to make plans?” I asked him. “I don’t want to show up and make you figure everything out.” I know next to nothing about Brussels besides the fact that it is the E.U. headquarters, but figured courtesy demanded I do at least a little more research about landmarks I wanted to visit, other than the fountain of the little boy pissing.

He laughed. “Don’t plan too much,” he said. “I want to surprise you.”

I don’t know if I should have told him that most of my plans revolve around food. He knows I already like Belgian coffee, but he doesn’t know that thus far my list of things to do goes something like this:

1. drink coffee

2. eat chocolate

3. drink more coffee

4. eat fries with mayonnaise (I’m hoping this becomes a girl-time thing, since he hates mayo and his little sister loves it.)

5. drink more coffee

6. eat waffles

7. eat waffles while drinking coffee

8. eat more chocolate

9. eat chocolate and waffles while drinking coffee

10. drink Grimbergen (Vilvoorde, where he lives, is actually the next town over from Grimbergen, which is named after the abbey which makes/made the beer I love). Finish off Grimbergen with fries and mayo.



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One response to “My Top Ten List of Things to Do on Vacation

  1. Julia-Anne

    Frites with mayo = ❤

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