Spring Break!!

The time-honored college tradition calls for spring break somewhere in Florida or California. Somewhere warm, with lots of girls in bikinis who shouldn’t have passed the eighth grade and guys in Speedos who shouldn’t really have passed the sixth grade, and lots of beer.

I might be drinking some beer this year, but when I do, it will be a darker, sweeter ale than Natty Light.

In a tiny country across the ocean famous for its chocolate and cursed for its frequent rain, my companion will be, not crowds of scantily clad beachgoers, but My Adorable Personal Francophone.

I am so very lucky.



Filed under US/Belgium 2011-2012

2 responses to “Spring Break!!

  1. Mister Nerd

    I am the luckiest in the universe !
    Dont understand why you choose Belgium and not California, but thanks you ❤

  2. Because California is creepy. Everyone is plastic and fake and the weather is always the same.

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