Speaking of Jacko’s Bar

What is WITH the Spanish fascination for Michael Jackson?

I admit, the man had some good music. Like, when he was young and black and could actually sing.

And even some of his later rock music is good. Though I admit to preferring Alien Ant Farm’s cover of “Smooth Criminal” to his original.

But, one evening in Salamanca, the mandatory Cultural Activity was a show at the CAEM, which is the Kennedy Center of Salamanca, only smaller. Said show was a tribute to Jackson.

HOW do Spaniards reconcile Michael Jackson the musician, who had some good stuff, with Michael Jackson the man, who was a probable pedophile, slept in a coffin, bleached his skin, and liked to grab his junk all the time?And yet, they do. On a street about two blocks down from Mari and Ricardo’s is a small, dingy looking daytime bar called Jacko’s, rather like a diner, only creepier and with more Jackson memorabilia. I never summoned the courage to go when I was there, preferring to stand outside on the curb staring in a horrified state of fascination, as one does at particularly gross roadkill or supermodels whose answer is “Like, world peace?”.

Now, I wish I had gone into that bar. I really do. Mainly because Jackson, like me, was vegetarian and maybe it would have been the only place in Spain with tofu.


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