Portugal this weekend?

With the Big Kahuna, also known as my Latin American Civilization essay, out of the way, only two more remain before exams. This is the only weekend on which my European friends have decided to travel as a group. They’re going to Lisbon, which I loved in September, and they’ll be there until Wednesday, and…life hates me.

More specifically, my art professor hates me. Traditionally in Salamanca, December 3-8 is a holiday. It’s called Puente (literally, “bridge”). December 8 is kind of a big deal–it’s the day of the signing of the current Spanish Constitution. There are not supposed to be classes on Monday the 6th or Tuesday the 7th.

“I’m going to take advantage of the Puente,” he said, “and I won’t be here to administer your exam on Tuesday.”

I perked up. Perhaps this meant I could go after all!

“However,” he said, “you still have to be here to take your exam at the regular hour on Tuesday.”


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