When Life Throws You Loops, put them in a Bowl of Milk

The last month has been pretty surprising, I have to say. Kind of like Froot Loops, which always look fake and gross but are actually pretty good.

The weekend Ricardo fed us at our six-star restaurant, we also toured the nearby (aka two hours away) city of Segovia, with its immense two-thousand-year-old aqueduct. The following day we toured the historical university of Salamanca, which is eight times as old as the Jamon Iberico which has been curing in the shops here since 1910.  The library alone was worth killing for. Some day…

And sometimes, life really does imitate art. Girl goes to foreign country to study, figures out what direction she wants her life to go in, and then…meets boy. An attractive, polite, intelligent Belgian boy, to be exact.

School, homework, excursions and…going out with adorable foreign nerds. I’ve met his father, his father’s girlfriend, and his little sister when they came here for a weekend, and ladies, my only advice for you is, Make Sure You Know Things About His Native Country Before You Go to Dinner.

First of all, who knew it was a constitutional monarchy? I mean, maybe lots of people, but I didn’t.

And then…Christian, his father, asked me what Americans think about when they think about Belgium.

I thought about Belgium for a second. And answered honestly.


The truth is I hadn’t given Belgium much thought before we met. This small country between France and Germany? And?

But I like rain, and it rains all the time there. And I like chocolate. And I wouldn’t mind learning French…

I believe I redeemed myself, however, by my abiding passion for both Final Fantasy and Soul Caliber, which his family also shares.

And I think he likes me anyway, because I cook well.


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